Does a parent paying child support get automatic rights to the child?

Answer In general, no. Child Support and Custody/Visitation are separate issues and often handled in different parts of the court system. For more accurate information, please remember to specify the Stat... Read More »

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If non custodial parent owes back child support and the child goes to live with the non custodial parent does the custodial parent at that point have to begin paying child support?

Yes, in most circumstances. However, you need to notify the court of the change in circumstances as soon as possible. The existing child support order and custody order will remain in effect until ... Read More »

In Illinois does a parent who is court ordered to give up parental rights still responsible for paying child support?

Answer You can almost bet they are still responsible for support. There are two different court rulings going on in this situation and one does not cancel out the other.

Does a court order for child support give the parent receiving the support automatic full custody of that child?

AnswerAbsolutely NOT. The Division of Child Support Enforcement, does not arrange custody nor visitation. I had a child support order, the father and I were never married, and while the support pap... Read More »

Does a parent continue paying child support if the child lives with someone other than the custodial parent?

Yes, until the matter of residence is resolved or the matter is brought to court.