Does a paid mechanic's lien decrease your credit score?

Answer Any type of lien that is placed upon your home and in turn placed on your credit report lowers your credit score. However, if the lien is paid in full, the impact on your credit is less. The lien w... Read More »

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Does a mechanics lien go on your credit bureau report?

A mechanics lien is a claim for non-payment placed upon real property by a person or company that performed labor associated with that property. Since this type of lien is not a credit based transa... Read More »

Maryland Contract Lien Law: Does This Hurt Your Credit Score?

The Maryland Contract Lien Act allows service providers to place a lien on a client's property if a lien clause is written in to the contract and the client does not pay according to the contract. ... Read More »

Does an inquiry decrease a credit score?

Credit inquires that result from you applying for credit, such as a new loan or a credit card, will slightly lower your credit score. However, your credit score will not decrease if you check your ... Read More »

You buy condo paid all cash Now company files mechanics lien for work done on the building for a subcontractor who needed to finish his job Aren't you protected?

Regardless of how you paid for your condominium, what you purchased includes the exterior of the building and all the other common elements and limited common elements of the community that all own... Read More »