Does a nyone know wht ;-) means?

Answer It's a wink!

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Does anyone know what this EKG reading means?

The EKG results picked up delayed left ventricle contraction. This can be a symptom of several different heart problems. Maybe they need to follow up with additional testing to determine the cau... Read More »

Does anybody know what low blood count means and how can you raise it?

RBC or red bllod celle count lowThere are a few things this can mean, and you need to speak with your doctor on this and find out exactly why your count is low.Here are a few, Aneaemia, Hemmorage, ... Read More »

Does anyone know what `standard recall due` means on British medical records.?

hi Gaye. it is definitely down to the GP to contact you. please try and wishes, A x

My Kodak camera has a red hand instead of a green one on some pictures, does anyone know what that means?

It means that you need to brace the camera on a tripod..Your photo will come out blurry if you don't.