Does a neti pot really work?

Answer Depending on what you use in the Neti.Allergies and a cold/sinus have very similar symptoms.Either ways, you could "At Your Own Risk" try some of these natural remedies: **Read the information on t... Read More »

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How long does it take for a neti pot to work?

The time frame for results when using a neti pot will vary from individual to individual. Some people may seen results immediately, while others will only begin to notice a difference after regular... Read More »

Would the NETI work better if I ran alcohol through it instead of water?

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How often can I use the neti pot?

Filled with a salt water solution, neti pots have been used for hundreds of years to flush dirt and mucous from the nasal passages. Neti pots are safe to use daily, though people who experience irr... Read More »

How to Use a Neti Pot?

A neti pot is used for nasal irrigation, which entails flushing out your nasal cavity with a saline solution. This is a home remedy that is relatively less known in Western countries, but is common... Read More »