Does a negative attitude affect your performance at work?

Answer On One Hand: Your Work Performance May SufferComplacency mixed with a negative attitude may affect your ability to care about the work you do. If you are dissatisfied with your employer, subordinat... Read More »

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How to Change a Negative Attitude?

Change a Negative attitude.The universal law of motion states that every action as an equal and opposite reaction. this means that when starting out to change a behaviour, you will meet stiff resis... Read More »

Why do people have such a negative attitude towards teenage pregnancies?

People are negative towards teenage pregnancies because they normally happened by accident, the parents aren't responsible enough to take care of a child and it is common belief that it is wrong to... Read More »

Why does your attitude affect your workplace?

If you're having a bad day, you may notice that you aren't able to concentrate at the office. The reason for this is because our moods and attitudes affect many areas of our lives, including our wo... Read More »

What affect did the growth of european imperialism have have the US attitude toward foreign policy and expansion?

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