Does a mother have to testify against a son?

Answer On One Hand: A mother does have to testify against her sonThe idea of immunity from testifying is based on the idea of "privileged communication" or the discussions and correspondence people may ha... Read More »

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Does a mother have to testify against her daughter in a child custody suit in FL?

If the daughter's ex husband is suing her for full custody and his attorney has subpoenaed her mother as a witness in the case, she has to tell the truth to any and all questions asked, regardless ... Read More »

What rights does the father have against a mother who gets partial SSD for their child from ex husband's SSD and the mother and her boyfriend have no license to meet halfway when living 3 hrs away?

The father has no right to supervise the mother's lifestyle, SSD or no.

Can a probation officer testify against you?

A probation officer can and will testify against you if they have information pertaining to a charge against you. It is recommended that if new charges are filed against you that you don't discuss ... Read More »

How does a father file abandonment charges against the mother who has not seen her daughter in over a month?

Although the law varies from state to state, a month is not long enough. Most states will require at least a year.