Does a monitor connect using a USB cable?

Answer Some monitors can connect using a USB cable. These special monitors have a USB port, and come bundled with software that can translate the computer's video output and send it through the USB interf... Read More »

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Is there a lead / cable that you can get to connect PC to TV so that the TV then becomes the monitor?

Unless you have a High Definition TV I wouldn't bother. The resolution of a normal TV is too low for anything except playing games. it would be like using your normal monitor in 640 x 480 mode... m... Read More »

Could i connect my monitor to my pc with a hdmi cable?

I don't quite understand your question - you say you don't see an HDMI on the back of your monitor, but you DO see an HDMI on the back of your monitor....Nonetheless, you can NOT go from the VGA po... Read More »

Is it possible to connect my direct tv cable box to my computer monitor?

What kind of cable do you need to connect a Hp Ultrabook to a computer monitor (NOT a TV)?

Ultrabook folio and envy has an hdmi output port if your pc monitor doesn't have a hdmi input port. You need to buy a HDMI to VGA cable.