Does a minor have to pay tax on inheritance?

Answer On One Hand: Little to none, if he is a child of the deceasedChildren or grandchildren of the deceased will pay a significantly lower rate, if there is an inheritance tax levied by the state in whi... Read More »

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Can a person appointed guardian of a minor because of the death of both parents legally adopt the minor?

Answer yes,you can legally adopt the minor.You will need to see a lawyer for free advice consultation.There may be a few requirements depending on what state you live in,but most are about the sam... Read More »

What is the penalty in California for a licensed minor who drives with another minor in the car?

no penalty, long as the person driving has a lisence, they can have anyone they want as a passanger

How does a minor press charges on a minor for molestation?

The abused minor needs to speak with an adult that they trust so that the molestation stops immediately, If an adult does not listen or believe them, then keep on talking to other adults until some... Read More »

Can a mother who is a minor move with her 9 mos old child to another state with her parent without her child's fathers consent who is also a minor?

Answer If you are a minor you pretty much have to go with your parent if they move. You don't need permission from your child's father, although he might get angry and try to take you to court ove... Read More »