Does a minor have to pay tax on inheritance?

Answer On One Hand: Little to none, if he is a child of the deceasedChildren or grandchildren of the deceased will pay a significantly lower rate, if there is an inheritance tax levied by the state in whi... Read More »

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Does Georgia have an inheritance tax?

Georgia does not have an inheritance tax. However, the Georgia Department of Revenue reports that the state does have an estate tax, and that "some people refer to estate tax as inheritance tax."So... Read More »

Does a relational database have inheritance?

Relational databases do not normally have inheritance. However, it is possible to implement a database in such a way that it behaves like a database with inheritance, if you organize and map the in... Read More »

Does Oklahoma have a death tax or inheritance tax?

Although Oklahoma does not have a death or inheritance tax, it does have an estate tax, which is similar to an inheritance tax. Per Oklahoma law, the person who inherits an estate has nine months t... Read More »

Does Washington have a state inheritance tax?

The state of Washington does not have an inheritance tax. As of 2010, 11 states collect an inheritance tax: Tennessee, Connecticut, Oregon, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Kentucky, ... Read More »