Does a midwife do cesareans?

Answer No. Midwives attend normal, low-risk deliveries. If a client requires a cesarean section, a midwife will refer her to an obstetrician, a surgeon trained in medicalized childbirth. A nurse-midwife m... Read More »

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Can you have normal delivery after 2 cesareans?

Some can but that is up to your doctor. He can examine you and decide for your case.

Was thomas Paine a midwife and what is a midwife?

A midwife is someone who is trained to assist in childbirth.Thomas Paine is sometimes said to have been midwife to the United States, but this is not meant literally.Thomas Paine was a writer aroun... Read More »

What exactly does a midwife do?

They make sure ur baby is ok after birth and moniters wieght and stuff like that good luck hunnie :) xxxx

How long does it take to be a midwife?

Yes it does but the most children you have the less it hurts.