Does a light bulb help a plant grow?

Answer provides heat like a sun

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Can a Cool White Bulb Grow My Plant?

For those interested growing plants indoors or those wishing to supplement low levels of natural light with artificial light, a combination of cool white bulbs and traditional incandescent bulbs is... Read More »

Does the hibiscus plant grow from seed or bulb?

Hibiscus plants grow from seeds sown after the last frost. To produce more plants, the Clemson University Extension Service suggests two other propagation methods: dividing plants in the spring or ... Read More »

Which plant will grow faster the one in the Sun in a dark closet in partial light or in artificial light?

In a dark closet because the plant will want to find sunlight so it grows upwards quickly to try and find the sunlight

Does a tomato plant grow faster with artificial light or natural light?

As long as the artificial light you use emits the full-spectrum of light, the plant can't tell if it is natural or artificial. What you can do with artificial light to promote plant growth is exten... Read More »