Does a life insurance policy earn interest or dividends?

Answer A life insurance policy generally earns both interest and dividends. It earns interest on a yearly basis, meaning you have to pay tax on it every year. Most insurance companies also pay dividends e... Read More »

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Does a paid up life insurance policy pay interest or dividends?

A paid-up whole life insurance policy does earn interest. A paid-up participating whole life policy earns interest and dividends; however, dividends are never guaranteed. Paid-up term life insuranc... Read More »

Do all life insurance policies pay interest or dividends?

Life insurance is purchased before someone dies to pay for the costs of burial and support of survivors. There are two basic types of life insurance policies; investment policies which pay out divi... Read More »

Does AXA Whole Life Insurance credit back 4% of the 5% interest rate of the loan amount borrowed from policy?

No, they don't credit you back - have him put it in writing, or show you the part of the policy that says that. Bet he can't. And the INTEREST You pay, when you borrow your own money, belongs to... Read More »

Where do I go to find the status of an old policy with long star life insurance company if I have the policy?