Does a lean holder have disability insurance for carpayments?

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What if you have disability insurance and become disabled can they take your car your credit and still ask for money when the disability insurance was purchased to cover that type of event in life?

It is your responsibility to see that the DI pays you and YOU pay the payments on time. rem your agreement with the lender stated that YOU would make the payments on a certain date. HOW you get tha... Read More »

Is it legal for an insurance company to let you get liability insurance on a vehicle that has a lien holder on it?

Certainly, liability insurance has nothing to do with who owns the vehicle. It deals with protecting the owner of the vehicle if sued as a result of an accident. Collision and theft protect the own... Read More »

Are contractor's liability insurance policies only written if the policy holder also gets workmans' comp insurance?

Contractor Liability InsuranceNo, You can purchase Contractors Liability Insurance as a standalone coverage.Many companies offer Contractors Liability coverage with or without your workman's compen... Read More »

If you have health insurance on your two sons and their father does also who is the primary insurance holder?

Answer It really depends on the plans but most plans use the date of birth rule. Who ever's birthday is first would be the company that pays primary, then the later birthday would be secondary.