Does a job credit check lower your score?

Answer Credit checks for employment are for information only and do not place an "inquiry" on your credit report. As such, they don't affect your credit score (too many inquiries can lower your score.)Sou... Read More »

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Will running a credit check lower your score?

People often hear that a credit check can lower their FICO score, a credit score derived by Fair, Isaac and Company. While true, credit checks are unlikely to do any significant damage, and there a... Read More »

Does reporting a credit card stolen lower your credit score?

Reporting a credit card stolen does not lower your credit score. Some actions that can lower your credit score are late or missed payments, too many inquiries for new credit at one time and unpaid ... Read More »

Does cancelling credit cards lower your credit score?

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation states that canceling your credit cards can lower your credit score if they have been opened for many years. Credit scores are based on the number of years... Read More »

Does checking your credit score lower your score?

Individuals may check their credit scores. Credit scores may also be checked by prospective employers, insurance companies, prospective landlords, and creditors. Such inquiries do not negatively im... Read More »