Does a ipad1 and a ipad2 have the same apps?

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Is the ipad1 better than the ipad2?

Yes, you can put a passcode on the ipad 2. Both the numerical one (one with numbers) and the keyboard one (where you type in a message). The keyboard one does look pretty sweet as it looks black, g... Read More »

What can you Do on a ipad2 what you can't do on a ipad1?

Mostly the resolution, speed of processor and the weight is what make the difference. It is not enough to need to upgrade, it is simply like comparing a 20" TV to a 23" TV, it is only a very small ... Read More »

What is the difference between an ipad1 and a ipad2?

They use the same operating system and can run many of the same apps. Using iCloud, you can share the same data over the net. They are separate computers, so they are not integrated in the sense of... Read More »

Is the ipad1 and ipad2 the same thing?

The ipad and ipad 2 are similar but the Ipad2 is a little better. They upgraded the software and gave it a camera both regular and front facing. Also since it has a front facing camera it can face ... Read More »