Does a hysterectomy cause estrogen deficiency?

Answer On One Hand: Not If Ovaries RemainThere are several types of hysterectomy surgery. Doctors can remove the uterus through the abdomen or the vagina. They can remove the uterus alone or also take the... Read More »

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Does estrogen cause breast enlargement?

On One Hand: Estrogen Can Cause Some Breast EnlargementEstrogen is a naturally occurring hormone in women, and it is also found within many birth control pills. Taking it regularly can cause some s... Read More »

Does a vitamin D deficiency cause this?

I would be concerned with thyroid & recommend the at home Barnes Basal Temperature test - but according to this article - Hair loss and rickets are the primary symptoms of vitamin D deficiency.Art... Read More »

Does inflammation cause magnesium deficiency?

On One Hand: Magnesium DeficiencyMagnesium plays an important role in the inflammatory process of our body. The epidemiologists at John Hopkins University state that, magnesium acts like an anti-in... Read More »

Does a lack of estrogen cause dry, flaky skin?

On One Hand: Low estrogen can cause skin drynessEstrogen is primarily known as a reproductive hormone, but it has wide-ranging effects throughout the body. Specifically, estrogen has been shown to ... Read More »