Does a human have a baby in 9 months?

Answer Yes, the development takes 38 to 42 weeks - about 9 months.

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Who will have the better chances of survival a 7 months or 8 months old baby?

If we are talking about being born 8 months of course. The further along they are in their development the better. If you are talking about after being born depends on the baby and cause of dying.

How many ribs does a human baby have?

Does anyone have any good Newborn - Six months toy suggestions for a baby girl?

may swing can also be used, or perhaps the most common for children permepuan is a small doll.

How many bones does a newborn human baby have?

A human baby typically has around 300 bones in her body. This number decreases to about 200 as she grows into adulthood. The discrepancy in bone count happens because some cartilage and bones natur... Read More »