Does a high blood sugar level over 200 always damage organs?

Answer On One Hand: Indicators and ModerationThere are many physical indicators associated with hyperglycemia--or high blood sugar. A person with blood sugar levels at or above 200 are most frequently dia... Read More »

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Is 117 a high blood sugar level?

A blood sugar level of 117 falls within the normal range. A normal range of blood sugar is 80 to 120. After eating you should be below 160, and before going to bed, you should be between 100 and 14... Read More »

Is it possible to have a blood sugar level of over 500?

High blood sugar level in non diabetic?

You have all the symptoms of diabetes. More over the blood sugar level is extremely high.Test your urine for sugar and ketone. Also conduct Insulin C-peptide test. Insulin C-peptide is a blood test... Read More »

What blood sugar level is too high?

A person's blood sugar level is considered too high when it reaches over 200 milligrams of glucose per deciliter of blood. It may also be too high if you are diabetic and it is consistently over 18... Read More »