Does a hibiscus tree like sun or shade?

Answer The hibiscus tree grows well in the full sun, but can grow and bloom with partial shade. The hibiscus can receive just two hours of direct light per day and maintain its healthy look and flowers.Re... Read More »

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How do I take care of a hibiscus tree?

Watering and Fertilizer NeedsGive hibiscus trees 1 inch of water per week or enough to keep the soil moist. Adjust watering according to weather conditions. Apply a slow-release balanced fertilizer... Read More »

Hibiscus Tree Bugs?

An hibiscus tree is a variety that can grow in tropical and cold climates. It has dark green leaves and produces large flowers, which can be pink, red or purple in color. The hibiscus, while being ... Read More »

Can you plant a hibiscus tree outside?

Hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis) are tender tropical plants that cannot withstand freezing temperatures for long. In northern climates, they need to be brought indoors during cold months. They can... Read More »

How to Overwinter a Hibiscus Tree?

A hibiscus tree is a hibiscus plant grown in a single stem to a desired height and patiently pruned to branch out fully. They are popular for decks and patios and also beautify pergolas. Hibiscus t... Read More »