Does a good, non-spam, Mediafire/Rapidshare search engine exist?

Answer search engines cant be checked.. both mediafire and rapidshare are wide open for virus and malware as they dont validate files being uploaded...dont use either sites

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Does it really do any good to report spam anymore and what is the best organization to report spam to?

Most spammers are paid for the number of times the email is delivered. So it doesn't even have to reach you for them to get returns. Meaning, as long as it gets to your email server it's okay. I... Read More »

Is this new Linux search engine good?

linux i hear is good but you have to format your computer because it's a whole diffrent system OPPS, am i right? hmm.

How Do I Add the Dogpile Search Engine to the Firefox Search Engine List?

Add Dogpile Search from Mozilla Search Engine DirectoryNavigate to the Mozilla search engine directory listing for Dogpile and click "Add to Firefox" to install the search engine into the Firefox s... Read More »

Is paid inclusion a good way to monetize a search engine?

No I don't think so. It seems to be a better bet to come up with a system to bid on keywords, like Google & Yahoo Search Marketing (formerly Overture). P4P is a better system than PI.