Does a girl vomit when she is pregnant?

Answer Some women vomit when pregnant...also known as "morning sickness" though that name is not absolutely correct because many women have "morning sickness" throughout the day!when in doubt, get a pregn... Read More »

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What do you vomit when you are pregnant?

Nope you can get pregnant just as easily whether you are drunk or have drank or not!

Does brown vomit mean you are pregnant?

Answer brown vomit means that you either ate something brown, or that there is some blood going into your stomach (from an ulcer most likely) that is coagulating slightly before being vomited.

Why do men vomit when their baby's mother is pregnant?

There are two distinct possibilities: 1) SMS - Sympathetic "Morning Sickness" (this is actually a positive sign) 2) PSP - Paternity Suit Precognition (bad news for the "player")Seriously, the emo... Read More »

Can a girl get pregnant by another girl that has had sex with a man Can a girl get pregnant from another girl if the other girl has had sex with a man and then had intercourse with the first girl?

No Phew I just had sex with a girl and it was freken sexy!!!! SEX IZ HOT WITH THE SAME GENDER!!!!!!!!! less sexier with guyz! oh, sex rules : suck the nipple er nutalways lites off!DONT 4 GET 2 SUC... Read More »