Does a giraffe migrate?

Answer Animals in the African Savannah migrate because of long spells of dry weather. However, giraffes do not migrate because they get moisture from the leaves they eat and can go without water for more ... Read More »

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How to Migrate to the UK?

Migration to UK involves proper documentation, appropriate filling of application forms and through knowledge of immigration rules. This article explains brief information on how to go to UK on Imm... Read More »

Do oysters migrate?

When oysters hatch out from their eggs, they are tiny larvae about the size of plankton. The larvae will seek out a smooth hard surface to attach themselves to. Oysters are not migratory and will s... Read More »

Do sea otters migrate?

The sea otter (Enhydra lutris) does not migrate, according to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. They prefer to stay in one general area all of their lives. But if food is scarce in one area, ... Read More »

Do earthworms migrate?

Earthworms will migrate to a different area if their current home is lacking in organic matter, according to Worms R Us. They do not have a specific migration schedule and do not migrate regularly ... Read More »