Does a giraffe migrate?

Answer Animals in the African Savannah migrate because of long spells of dry weather. However, giraffes do not migrate because they get moisture from the leaves they eat and can go without water for more ... Read More »

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Does an earthworm hibernate or migrate?

Earthworms migrate and hibernate to survive cold temperatures. Earthworms migrate by burrowing deeper in the soil where it is warmer. They hibernate when temperatures are near freezing. Earthworms ... Read More »

Does a migraine migrate down the spine and ribcage and?

Well, I sometimes (although rarely) get migraines that pound with every heartbeat that I also feel in my spine. Awful pain. The triggers for me can be chocolate, MSG and too much sugar. I have f... Read More »

How old does a giraffe get?

The average lifespan of a giraffe in the wild is 25 years. However, the lifespan of a giraffe may increase when it is placed in captivity. There have been cases where giraffes lived more than 30 ye... Read More »

How does a giraffe feed?

Giraffes, the world's tallest mammals, use their height and other special physical characteristics to find food in places that other animals cannot access on the savannas of Africa.Using HeightThei... Read More »