Does a gas fireplace eat a lot of propane?

Answer On One Hand: Propane Fireplaces Have a BTU RatingTo discover exactly how much propane your fireplace will burn you need to check the BTU rating. Your fireplace at full throttle will burn approximat... Read More »

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Does a propane gas fireplace need to be vented?

Propane fireplaces can use ventilation such as a flue or chimney. However, ventless options are available. Some consumers choose this option to save on energy usage or if a chimney or flue does not... Read More »

How do I start a propane fireplace?

Push the Ignitor SwitchLocate the propane shutoff valve, and turn it so it is open to allow the propane gas into the fireplace unit. Turn the fireplace control knob to the point marked "Pilot." Hol... Read More »

Do you have to put tile around a propane fireplace?

You are not required to put tile around a propane fireplace. When tile is installed, it is often intended to be decorative and/or to meet the minimum clearance requirements around the firebox. You ... Read More »

How do I clean a propane gas fireplace?

CleaningTurn off the gas and electrical power before you begin cleaning the propane gas fireplace, and wait for a few hours if you've used it recently. Remove all the contents in the fireplace, inc... Read More »