Does a fox squirrel have a white ring around the eye?

Answer Fox squirrels, like many species of squirrels, have an eye ring. However, it is buff rather than white, and not especially prominent compared to the bright white eye ring of the red squirrel.Source... Read More »

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How do I get the ring-around-the-collar off my white dress shirt and make it white again?

soak the shirt in chlorox bleach for 20 minutes in your washing maching, about a half a cup, then continue washing.

What does"Ring Around the Rosie"have to do with the Black Death?

According to, a myth investigation site, the popular nursery rhyme actually has nothing to do with the Black Plague. The Black Plague, also called the bubonic plague and the Black Death,... Read More »

What kind of snake is dark brown with a white ring around the neck?

The western blackhead snake is a thin, light brown reptile with a white or cream band around its neck, according to Wildlife North America. Another brown snake with a light neck band is the rough e... Read More »

Have you experienced the 'ring around the collar' problem?

Spot cleaning the collar requires extra attention and supplies. The cleaner might charge more for this. Check with them before you request it. I can see how the cleaner would expect the customer ... Read More »