Does a four day school week save gasoline?

Answer On One Hand: Savings for SchoolsA study done by Minnesota's Center for Rural Policy and Development found that a four day school week cut gasoline consumption by 23 percent. Dr. Timothy Creal of th... Read More »

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Does a four day school week have positive or negative effects on students?

On One Hand: Positive EffectsAdditional time in the school day provides more project, research and laboratory time. Three-day weekends free more time for part-time jobs. The extra day off provides ... Read More »

Cons of the Four-day School Week?

One result of the economic downturn is certain school districts are entertaining the possibility of reducing the classic five-day school week to four days. The reduced schedule would save money on ... Read More »

Reasons for the Four Day School Week?

A four-day school week differs from the traditional five-day school week. Although students may be in school fewer days each week, they are not necessarily there for less time. Typically, days are ... Read More »

Pros and Cons of a Four-Day School Week?

According to the National Conference of State Legislators and the Education Commission of the States, four-day school weeks were first implemented in the 1930s. They became more common during the e... Read More »