Does a flat screen emit as much heat as the older TVs?

Answer From one granny to another. You will love your new flat screen tv. They are so cool in all ways. All the big body in the back is gone. No reflection in the glass. We have a Panasonic and it is crys... Read More »

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Do flat-screen TVs emit gas?

According an article written by atmospheric chemist Michael J. Prather and Juno Hsu of UC-Irvine, flat-screen TVs emit powerful greenhouse gases that are a threat to the climate. Nitrogen trifluor... Read More »

Does an HD flat screen TV pull more electricity than the older styles?

I believe they actually use less energy than the old CRT (picture tube) models, but I am not an expert. If you have the manual, it should list in the specs the input wattage; the higher the wattage... Read More »

Will heat from your gas log fireplace damage an LCD flat screen hung over the mantle?

If the heat from your fireplace is being blown forward, then it shouldn't hurt your TV.

Is it safe to hang a flat screen tv over a fireplace. will the heat from the fireplace effect the tv?