Does a flash drive gain weight after storing too many documents?

Answer Yes. When a larger capacity (1-2 gig) flash drive gets full it becomes so heavy that you need a forklift to transport it.

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Does storing digital data on a hard drive increase the overall weight of the hard drive?

there's no increase in weight at all the data that is stored is magnetic in some ways similar to an old cassette tape but on a disk so changing polarity of the magnetic medium on the disk doesn't i... Read More »

How many documents can a 2gb flash drive hold?

This depends on the size of the documents in question. However, the following is an estimate.A 1 page document is approximately 30KB in size (this is for an Office 2003 document)There are 2097152KB... Read More »

How to Copy Documents to a USB Flash Drive from Your Computer?

Sometimes we need to back up our files just in case something goes wrong with you computer, or you need to save files to transfer it to another computer. At my school, our computers clear everythin... Read More »

How to Transfer Word 2003 Documents to a Flash Drive?

Flash drives allow users to backup and transfer documents and other files among various computers. Their small size and easy portability make flash drives a convenient tool when working on document... Read More »