Does a female hamster or a male hamster run faster through a maze?

Answer Neither gender of hamster is faster at running through a maze, according to "Training Your Pet Hamster". The speed of a hamster depends upon the individual hamster's ability to learn a maze. In the... Read More »

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Is a female hamster physically faster than a male hamster?

Yes, female hamsters are slightly faster than male hamsters, according to Shiela Adby from Female hamsters are also more active than male hamsters and spend more of the day awake.R... Read More »

What is the difference between a teddy bear hamster&an angora hamster?

Well-loved for their mild disposition and adorable mannerisms, hamsters are a common pet. While both teddy bear and Angora hamsters are from the popular Syrian breed, only slight distinctions set t... Read More »

Can a hamster get pregnant if with a male?

A female hamster can get pregnant when left with a male if she is old enough for pregnancy. According to Hamsterific, some breeds are sexually mature at 1-month-old while others are not capable of ... Read More »

How to Train Your Hamster to Jump Through a Hoop?

Hamsters can be trained!If you want your hamster to do a really cool trick, you've found the right guide. You may not think your hamster can't do it, but it can!