Does a dsl connection use a modem?

Answer A DSL (digital subscriber line) modem is required to connect a computer to the Internet through a DSL internet service provider. DSL modems are available at most electronics stores. Many service pr... Read More »

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Does having a router for your modem make your internet connection slower?

No. Why should it?And let me be clear in that: noticeably slower. Web pages will not load twice as fast without a router compared to with one. The speed difference will be somewhere in nanoseco... Read More »

How to Set Up an Internet Connection Via a Modem?

Accessing the Internet on your computer is not just a matter of plugging in the cable and opening the browser. If you are connecting your modem for the first time, you need to set up the Internet c... Read More »

How to Check Modem Connection Speeds?

Using any number of free online speed tests, you can determine your Internet connection's download and upload speeds. During a speed test, a small file is (temporarily) downloaded and then uploaded... Read More »

What is a cable modem connection?

A cable modem connection allows a computer to access the Internet at high speeds through the cable line. The connection is constant and no dialing in is required.CableBroadband, or high-speed Inter... Read More »