Does a driver's liability insurance pay if your limits are exceeded when they are driving your car?

Answer Answer Laws vary by state. You need to call your claims department. If you lend out your car and they have a liability claim, I can't remember which pays first but in MA the cars insurance pays ... Read More »

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If you have uninsured motorist insurance are in a accident and its you fault other driver has no insurance or drivers license can you get your car fixed if you only have liability insurance?

Answer As a broker, I can tell you NO, there is no coverage if you are at fault. Now if you are only partially at fault, example, 50%, and it's proven, there may be coverage under your carrier. I... Read More »

How to Determine Car Insurance Liability Limits?

American drivers have choices in how much car insurance they take out for themselves and their vehicles. Almost all states mandate minimum liability policies, with few exceptions. However, the stat... Read More »

Insurance Liability Coverage Limits?

Liability insurance pays for personal injury or property damage you may cause as a result of negligent acts. It does not pay for intentional acts that cause harm and does not pay for punitive damag... Read More »

Recommended Limits of Liability for Auto Insurance?

Almost every state requires each driver to have liability auto insurance. In 2007, 13.8 percent of the public drove uninsured, according to Edmunds Inc., which says the higher the unemployment rate... Read More »