Does a deep cycle marine battery provide enough amps to shock soft tissue areas of the human body?

Answer There's a very real danger here. Using low voltage high amperage can result in serious burns. I'd recommend for purposes unknown you use the opposite - high voltage VERY LOW current power sources... Read More »

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What is a deep cycle marine battery?

A deep cycle marine battery is a marine battery specially designed to be discharged down to as low as 20 percent capacity. Unlike a starting battery, which produces a large amount of current for a ... Read More »

Is a marine starting battery a deep cycle battery?

A marine starting battery is not a deep cycle battery. A starting battery produces several hundred amps of current to start an engine but discharges only a few percent of its capacity. A deep cycle... Read More »

How to Test the Charge in a Deep Cycle Marine Battery?

Nothing is more frustrating than turning on your boat's sound system and finding out, too late, that the deep cycle battery is as dead as a stone. You may check your deep cycle battery--the battery... Read More »

How to Use a Conventional Battery Charger on a Deep Cycle Battery?

Deep cycle batteries, such as a marine battery, operate on 12-volts, the same as the voltage that is available on a standard car battery. Due to their more complicated design, these types of batter... Read More »