Does a credit card charge constitute acceptance of a contract?

Answer Credit card companies provide users with pages of fine print, which constitute a contract. Although called a credit card user agreement, it still is a contract since it gives you the specific detai... Read More »

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How to Put Credit Card Acceptance on My Business Cards?

Accepting credit cards helps your business improve its cash flow. Customers are more apt to shop with you knowing that they can use their credit cards to make purchases. Many businesses spend money... Read More »

Is it standard practice to charge credit card fees when paying by credit card?

While some businesses charge a fee when customers pay by credit card, it is against their merchant agreement with the credit card company, such as Visa or MasterCard. If you encounter a company th... Read More »

What does a credit card charge-off mean?

A charged-off credit account is one that a lender has written off as a loss. However, you are just as responsible for a charged-off debt as you are a current one, and a creditor may take legal acti... Read More »

How much does a credit card company charge to process a transaction?

Credit card companies charge two fees per transaction. They charge a flat transaction fee, typically between ten and 30 cents, and a percentage of each transaction, typically between 0.5 and 5 perc... Read More »