Does a cow have to calf in order to give milk?

Answer The female dairy animal is only referred to as a "cow" after she has given birth. Before this, she is referred to as either a "calf" or "heifer." It is not until they have birthed a calf themselves... Read More »

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How much milk replacer should a calf have?

Typically, calves are fed milk replacement based on their body weight. On average, the daily feeding amount is measured at 8 to 12 percent of the calf's body weight. Most packages of milk replace... Read More »

Can a dairy cow produce milk without birthing a calf?

A dairy cow must birth a calf to produce milk. With regular milking she will continue to produce milk for several months, but annual breeding is usually necessary to maintain useful production leve... Read More »

How much milk should you feed by bottle to a newborn calf?

Newborn calves should be fed 2 qts. of milk replacer twice a day for the first three months of their lives. In their first 12 hours calves need colostrum from their mothers. If they don't get it th... Read More »

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