Does a couple over 65 who makes $24,000 per year need to file a tax return?

Answer As of 2009, couples who are married filing jointly where both spouses are over age 65 must file a income tax return if their gross income is at least $20,900. If only one spouse is over age 65, th... Read More »

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I have bought a new scanner hp 24000. how can i convert the pdf file ms word?

Realize that scanners don't convert one file format to another. If you have pdf files you want converted to word files with a scanner, you have to print them out, then scan them in a Scan To Text ... Read More »

What to do if I didn't file my tax return last year?

You will need to file the 2005 return with a paper form, only the current year can be filed electronicallyCall the IRS at 1-800-829-1040, they can provide you with transcripts of your return and W2... Read More »

Can they take my tax return every year after I file bankruptcy?

For a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a tax return is only subject to seizure by the trustee during the bankruptcy proceedings. Once the case has been discharged the court cannot take your tax return in foll... Read More »

Can we file a joint tax return if we are only married part of a year?

Under Internal Revenue Service rules, you can file a tax return jointly if you are married as of December 31 of the tax year in question. As a result, you can file jointly the year you get married,... Read More »