Does a convection microwave oven broil?

Answer Depending on the make and model, some convection microwave ovens include a broil option. For example, the 1.1 Cubic-Foot Sharp R-1880LS Range Convection Microwave Oven contains automatic settings f... Read More »

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Can you broil with a convection oven?

In most cases, you can broil using a convection oven. Most convection ovens now have two elements: convection baking and broiling. Check your oven to ensure it has a broiler mode.Source:Kitchen Emp... Read More »

Does a convection oven or microwave toast bread?

A microwave heats food with radio waves and not external warm air, so the food cooks from the inside out. The microwave warms bread but won't get it brown or crisp on the outside. A convection oven... Read More »

Does Maytag make a combination convection microwave oven?

Maytag offers a 1.8-cubic-foot combination microwave oven range hood that has convection. It is available in three colors and comes standard with a variety of features, including the trademarked Ev... Read More »

Can you use aluminum in a microwave convection oven?

Let the manufacturer make the call. No one on this board is as qualified when it comes to offering advice like that. Refer to the user's guide and see what it says. If it isn't about, go online and... Read More »