Does a condo association need to add handicapped parking for residents?

Answer Depending on the location of the condominium, state law, county law or city law may require minimum handicapped parking stalls and other amenities specifically to accommodate disabled persons.

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Can a condo association tow a residents unregistered vehicle?

Probably, yes. Read your governing documents to remind yourself of the guidelines for parking automobiles on the property owned by the association. Usually, the guidelines require that vehicles be... Read More »

Can a condo HOA make rules regarding handicapped parking?

Yes. And the association may be required to adjust handicapped parking spaces/ slots/ rules depending on the requirements of any handicapped resident. Your state condominium law, or state housing l... Read More »

Is a handicap parking stall required under Hawaii law for a condo association with approximately 65 units with a remote controlled gated entry making this a private association?

Whether or not such parking is required is not so much the issue as is the association's ability to make one available when required to do so. Your answer lies in a combination of Hawaii condomini... Read More »

Can a condo association in the State of Maine require all new buyers to be owner occupied residents?

Yes. You need to review (or have an attorney review) all the governing documents that affect the condominium. That restriction could be in the original master deed, declaration, scheme, or rules an... Read More »