Does a concealed weapons permit mean that the weapon must be concealed in Alabama?

Answer If you hold a concealed weapons permit in Alabama you must keep the weapon concealed at all times. If you need to use the weapon, a judge or jury will determine if you showed good cause for drawing... Read More »

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Do you have to declare a weapon in VA with a concealed weapon permit?

As of May 2010, there is nothing in the Virginia state code that requires notification to a law enforcement official if a resident is legally carrying a firearm in accordance with the state residen... Read More »

How much is a concealed weapon permit?

A concealed weapon permit, or CCW permit, can be $20 to $75, plus fingerprint card-processing fees if applicable.Source:Concealed Weapons Application InstructionsState of Idaho CCW FAQs

What year was the first concealed weapon permit issued?

Georgia was the first American state to pass a law regarding concealed weapons that would later become the concealed carry law. This occurred in 1976 and was introduced by Zell Miller, who was the ... Read More »

How much is a Tennessee state concealed weapon permit?

Concealed carry permits are administered by the Handgun Carry Permit Office, which is part of the Tennessee Department of Safety. As of 2010, the original permit costs $115, a renewal permit costs ... Read More »