Does a computer scanner give off radiation?

Answer Yes, they certainly do. The scan is using a laser beam! (Not from Star Wars!) :-))) That's one the reason that the scanners have a top on! B-)

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How much radiation does a normal computer LCD screen give off?

The only radiation it gives off is from the charged particles such in electricity.It makes nothing when off except light discharge.

Will I get Radiation from a Scanner?

Not to start an argument with the other doctor that answered this question... No you will not die. In fact this is the exact treatment I use for my patients with bad acne! It is also quite ironic... Read More »

My computer has tonnes of ad ware, does anybody know a good free computer scanner?

I recommend downloading, installing and running the following FREE software packages 1 at a time in the following order. Just use the default settings and create a restore point before running eac... Read More »

Scanner class where use we scanner object give example?

Are You talking about the scanner class in java .... ??That can be used to take inputs from keyboardScanner sc = new Scanner(; -> reads a word from keywordsc.nextInt() -> reads a... Read More »