Does a computer scanner give off radiation?

Answer Yes, they certainly do. The scan is using a laser beam! (Not from Star Wars!) :-))) That's one the reason that the scanners have a top on! B-)

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How much radiation does a normal computer LCD screen give off?

The only radiation it gives off is from the charged particles such in electricity.It makes nothing when off except light discharge.

Will I get Radiation from a Scanner?

Not to start an argument with the other doctor that answered this question... No you will not die. In fact this is the exact treatment I use for my patients with bad acne! It is also quite ironic... Read More »

Scanner class where use we scanner object give example?

Are You talking about the scanner class in java .... ??That can be used to take inputs from keyboardScanner sc = new Scanner(; -> reads a word from keywordsc.nextInt() -> reads a... Read More »

Do laptops give off radiation?

Like any electronics, they put off some electromagnetic radiation. This type of radiation is harmless to humans but can interfere with other sensitive electronics occasionally. It is a lot less t... Read More »