Does a computer run slow after 4hrs of gaming?

Answer Once you put gaming aside and start googling you will know much about stuff....No, if the hardware is properly cooled. Some of types of hardware (CPU/GPU) can underclock themseves if they get too h... Read More »

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Why is my computer so slow for gaming?

Before buying / playing a game, always read the minimum specifications your computer needs to be. Nearly all current games require a computer with a dedicated graphics card to run smoothly.Check wh... Read More »

What do you think of BIOSTAR A780L3B for gaming I need a computer just to get me over for gaming. Details bel?

My computer is slow, but i have used software to clean it, but it is still very slow, what else can i do ?

Does a slow computer slow down internet?

No, internet speed is based upon your ISP (internet service provider). If your computer is running slow, follow these steps.1) Clean up the disk. Uninstall unneeded programs (especially those that ... Read More »