Does a computer from the year 2000 have a place where to plug in your ipod?

Answer Answer It should, If it has a USB then ys you can, if you dont have a USB then no you can not.

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Plug ipod in to computer and computer freezes?

Leave the iPod plugged on the computer, restart your computer.

What happens if you plug the iPod nano into the computer when the computer is off?

Where on the computer do you plug in your ipod?

Answer Usually the USB port - flat, rectangular port that is about 1/2 inch in length. Look at the size of you Ipod plug and that will indicate where to plug it in to your computer.

When I plug in my ipod my computer shuts off?

Your iPod in fact does _not_ have aids.Your computer needs additional drivers for your iPod. You should uninstall iTunes on your computer and re-install the newest version, and also any cd that ca... Read More »