Does a colon cleansing help flush out toxins?

Answer On One Hand: Cleans Out ToxinsProponents of colon cleansing say it is an effective way to flush toxins out of the body. The belief is that poor diet and pollution causes toxins to build up in the c... Read More »

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Does colon cleansing help reduce stomach fat?

No. Proponents erroneously claim colon cleansing removes fecal fat and impacted feces that distends the stomach. Feces contains no significant fat because the small intestine, not the colon, absorb... Read More »

Can colon cleansing help genital herpes?

On One Hand: Not a Normal Treatment of Genital HerpesWebMD does not list a colon cleanse as a home treatment or a doctor-recommended treatment for genital herpes. Patients with genital herpes take ... Read More »

How does the body flush toxins out when you start drinking more water?

Suggestions for colon cleansing?

The safest way to do it is to eat nothing except gazpacho for a week. Drink lots of water. Your colon will be as clean as a whistle, you will lose weight, and your skin will look beautiful. Leav... Read More »