Does a chin strap for snoring work?

Answer On One Hand: Some Doctors Recommend ItThe Wisconsin Sleep program, led by medical director Ruth Benca, MD, PhD, suggests the use of a chin strap to help decrease or eliminate snoring. Other suggest... Read More »

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Can a chin strap stop snoring?

On One Hand: Benefits for someAccording to Men's Health Tips, a chin strip is a device made of a fabric cup that goes under the chin with an adjustable straps that fits over the head to keep the cu... Read More »

How to Get a Chin Strap?

The chin strap is a style of beard that leaves the cheeks and mustache clean-shaven -- the remaining beard traces the jaw line and gives the face definition. Getting a chin strap is a simple matter... Read More »

How to Trim a Chin Strap?

Chin-strap beards are a popular alternative to the traditional clean-shaven, full-beard, goatee-only and mustache-only facial hair categories. A chin-strap beard is usually kept short and well-defi... Read More »

Chin Strap Styles?

The chin strap is a style of beard that resembles the chin strap of a helmet. As with any type of facial hair style, variations of the chin strap exist, some of which look better on certain types o... Read More »