Does a chest x-ray always show lung cancer?

Answer A chest x-ray does not always show lung cancer. A chest x-ray may detect an early stage of lung cancer; however, other tests such as such a computed tomography (CT) or positron omission tomography ... Read More »

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Worried my mum might have lung cancer -- constant coughing, wheezing, pain in chest..........?

I understand your concern, but my first reaction is don't panic. There are a whole load of other stuff that it can be, which are far more likely than lung cancer. I smoked from 15 years old unti... Read More »

Can an x ray show lung cancer?

Lung cancer is a form of cancer that originates in the lungs. When lung cancer is suspected in a patient, doctors may run several tests to help diagnose the condition. One of these may be an X-ray.... Read More »

My boyfriend has cancer in his left lung and half of his right lung. He's only 21 can I give him one of mine?

: Try Dr. Richard Schulze's incurable program...he had an underground clinic 20 yof 20 years of reading and study and research and that which probably ears and healed many of the worse kinds of inc... Read More »

When a doctor says that lung cancer is curable, does that mean that the patient will be cancer free for?

Freedom:Survival of patients with lung cancer will depend on the type and extent of the cancer at the time of initial diagnosis. One-third of patients with early stages of non-small cell lung cance... Read More »