Does a chapter 13 trustee get all of the tax refund?

Answer The Chapter 13 Trustee will take 1/2 of your tax refund if your plan is set up this way. Some trustees will forgo the collection of 1/2 of the tax refund if your debt is small and will be paid in l... Read More »

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What does it mean when a chapter 7 trustee closes the file?

When a trustee closes a file in a chapter 7 bankruptcy, she is officially ending the bankruptcy process because there is no more action to take place in the bankruptcy. It indicates that the bankru... Read More »

Chapter 7 Trustee Duties?

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy case eliminates most of the debt of a debtor. During the bankruptcy process, the court appoints a trustee, who is the person through whom the court exercises its control. The... Read More »

Can Chapter 13 bankruptcy payments to a trustee be a tax deduction?

According to bankruptcy law firm Allmand and Lee, during a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, some payments to a trustee are tax-deductible. Permissible deductions include mortgage interest, spousal support, f... Read More »

Can a trustee in chapter 7 request a credit card history?

A chapter 7 trustee does have the power to request a credit card history from any debt held by the debtor. However, this would not typically take place unless the trustee is looking for a preferen... Read More »