Does a chapter 13 bankruptcy plan have to include child support owed?

Answer According to federal law, the filing of chapter 13 bankruptcy does not absolve the debtor from certain long term financial obligations, including child support. A debtor is responsible to pay those... Read More »

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Can I include an overdrawn bank account in my Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Not only can you include an overdrawn bank account in your Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you must include it. You must include any and all debt you carry when you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.References... Read More »

Can I include my 2008 tax liability in my Chapter 13 plan?

You can include 2008 tax debts in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan provided you filed them correctly and are not accused of fraud, according to While filing Chapter 7 is better because you... Read More »

Does the bankruptcy court allow you to pay outside the chapter 13 plan?

You can pay more than your Chapter 13 plan requires, but keep in mind that you may end up losing the reduction of debt benefits associated with this type of bankruptcy, warns Bankrate. For instance... Read More »

Can I make my car payments outside of my Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan?

Under a Chapter 13 bankruptcy repayment plan, the majority of your debts are consolidated into one monthly payment. This usually includes your car payment. Your local bankruptcy court, however, may... Read More »