Does a chair rail make a room look smaller?

Answer On One Hand: Dividing an Expanse Minimizes ItAny time you divide an expanse into different sections, whether it's a room or a wall, you have the potential to make it look smaller. Breaking up a spa... Read More »

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Does White Trim Make a Room Look Smaller?

Decorating a small space is one of the most challenging aspects of interior design. If the correct colors and proportions are not applied, the finished space is likely to feel both cramped and clut... Read More »

Does Painting a Ceiling Make Your Room Look Bigger or Smaller?

It's important to remember that a ceiling is essentially one-fifth of any room. The ceiling provides great space to enhance a room; however, it's important to recognize how paint colors will affect... Read More »

How do I paint a dining room chair rail?

Prepare the Chair Rail for PaintingFill all nail holes, and make any surface repairs needed to the chair rail and sand them smooth. De-gloss any shiny surfaces by sanding lightly with fine-grit san... Read More »

Will painting a small room a dark color make it look even smaller?

Darker colors absorb light, that's why they make rooms look smaller.You can pull off darker colors if you break them up with decor, carpet color, trim/frame color, mirrors, etc. A solid, dark wall... Read More »