Does a cell phone company track web sites visited?

Answer Cell phones can and do track Internet sites visited but they do they appear on a phone bill. What does appear is the date the Internet is accessed, the amount of time spent online, usage amount and... Read More »

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How do i erase the sites i visited from showing .i need to hide the porno sites visited .internet explorer?

Well. Maybe you should stop using other people's computers for your... dirty deeds? First Clear the History you can do that by going to Tools at the top of the tool bar above the address bar. Cl... Read More »

Can you call your cell phone company and track down text messages. My girlfriend thinks her husband might be?

well if the government can do it ,i'm sure you can call your cell phone company and request the information. a text is just like a regular call it send s signals so it can be done.

Can employers track websites I've visited on my smartphone but using company Wi-fi?

Does any one know of a website that i can use to track someone through the gps on their cell phone?

If there is, I hope it is illegal. I understand wanting to track your kids. At the same time think how dangerous it would be if someone else could track your kids.