Does a cell phone battery harm or damage a cell phone if the phone is unused?

Answer Cell phone battery ingredients--antimony, mercury and beryllium-- are considered toxic and harmful. If a cell phone goes unused, the battery could leak and cause damage to both the cell phone and e... Read More »

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Will the higher the mAh in cell phone case charger for samsung s3 damage phone or help it?

maH is just capacity and wont hurt anything, as long as the voltage is correct .. if you are talking 'ma' as in current, you should keep that about the same ..

How do I donate unused cell phone minutes?

Obtain an Activation CodeKeep the activation code in a safe location to avoid losing it. The activation code carries the minutes to use on a prepaid cellular phone. Without the activation code, the... Read More »

How do I sell unused cell phone minutes?

Once cell phone minutes have been put on a phone, they cannot be taken off of that particular phone. In order to cell unused phone minutes, the activation code for the minutes has to have never bee... Read More »

Will Android Support Free WiFi Use of Cell Phones Kogan Technologies is coming out with a cell phone based on the Android Platform.. is the era of free cell phone use about to begin?

yes android can be connected to any free (or encrypted) WiFi access point ... kogan agora is not on market ... but there is a lot of other android phones ... HTC HERO, just use google search ...