Does a cell antenna actually work?

Answer On One Hand: Increased Signal StrengthTests conducted by showed that a cellular antenna booster does actually add up to a single bar of reception to a cell phone. For analog cell phones... Read More »

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Does the jitterbug cell phone actually work?

On One Hand: The Jitterbug WorksThe Jitterbug cell phone is designed for senior citizens. It has a large keypad and 24-hour access to operators who will assist the subscriber. It also allows the us... Read More »

Do cell phone internal antenna boosters work?

On One Hand: Reliable for Day-to-Day TasksInternal antenna boosters are reliable when it comes to boosting the signal of a mobile phone inside buildings and vehicles, as well as expanding the area ... Read More »

How does antenna work?

In order to understand antennas it is helpful to understand electricity and it's effect on metals, so for a comprehensive understanding you should first educate yourself on that subject. However, i... Read More »

How does a tv antenna balun work?

It is a small transformer that allows you to properly connect a 300 ohm "balanced" antenna to 75 ohm "unbalanced" TV set. It works by allowing a "balanced" antenna to combine its outputs (it has 2)... Read More »