Does a car use gas when coasting?

Answer According to Popular Mechanics, it depends on what type of car you drive. Older cars that use a carburetor would use gas no matter what, but modern cars stop pulling gasoline through the fuel injec... Read More »

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What is the fine for coasting?

was there a sign say NO right turn on red at this intersection?then you can fight it becausethe camera doesnt know in most states you CAN turn right on a red lightprovided you stop to make sure th... Read More »

Does coasting save fuel?

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Is there a highway law in Quebec for coasting downhill with the gear in neutral?

It is illegal in most countries as with the car out of gear it is much harder to control or stop as you are relying only on brakes. Why don't you ask a policeman in Quebec. In most cases nobody wou... Read More »

I've been told 'coasting' in a car is illegal and dangerous. Is this correct Surely it saves petrol.......?

Coasting in itself is not an offence in the UK, furthermore on a modern car it actually uses MORE petrol than keeping the gear engaged with the throttle completely shut. Here's why... When the car ... Read More »

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