Does a car that is not drivable require insurance?

Answer Car Insurance No. You may be required to surrender the license plate and registration to the DMV before you can cancel the insurance, though. Answer If the car is of value, such as an antique or co... Read More »

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Is there any state that does not require car insurance by law?

As of 2010, only New Hampshire does not require drivers to purchase auto insurance, according to However, you still must have the proper finances to cover any damages from an acci... Read More »

How to Make a Non Drivable Vehicle Drivable in Garry's Mod?

Have you ever wanted to drive with one of those Hl2 Prop vehicles in Garry's Mod? Well, you will be able to if you follow this guide.

Does a law require that your spouse take insurance offered by her employer if it covers at least 50 percent in addition to your employers plan?

Answer No, it does require at 100% though. Insurance Companies generally require that an employer cover at least 75% of the employees. Those covered under other spousal plans don't count in the ca... Read More »

What two states that do not require liability insurance?

Auto insurance coverages fall into some broad categories. They are, in general, Medical Payments, Collision, Comprehensive, Liability (Bodily Injury and Property Damage), Uninsured/Underinsured Mot... Read More »